yellow lab sitting in car with red bandana

How to Clean Pet Hair out of Your Car

There’s nothing like seeing your dog get excited to go for a ride. The only thing you worry about, especially if you have cloth seats, is having to clean all that tough pet hair off. It’s easy to do with the right tools and a little know-how, so take our advice and you’ll find a cleaner car interior in your future. Be sure to check out our inventory of new Hyundai vehicles at Carter County Hyundai in Ardmore, OK!

Find a Pet Hair Brush

Pet hair has an ability to get stuck in the fibers of cloth and vinyl seats of cars. It usually takes no more than a vacuum to get fluffy’s fur off a leather chair, but if it gets into the floor mats, what do you do? If you need to get pet hair out of your car, it’s time to do a little online shopping. Find a rubber pet hair furniture brush (they don’t have bristles like a regular brush, just a rubber blade) and either a hand vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum.

woman with dog in back of crossover

How Does it work?

Rubber and silicone are good at grabbing and pulling pet hair or other foreign fibers out of floor mats, seats, and other cloth parts of your interior. Sometimes they work more effectively when wet, so keep a spray bottle of water nearby and lightly mist the cloth as you wipe everything from top to bottom. Pull the fur and other hairs into clumps, and they should be easy to vacuum away? It is much easier than trying to pinch the fibers out of the cloth! You can even use such a brush in your home or apartment!