The Hyundai Elantra Presents Wonderful Features

Hyundai manufactures many wonderful cars. Of the many models, the Elantra remains a favorite seller. The economical Hyundai comes with numerous performance and technology features at a great price. Anyone interested in a new four-door sedan should look at the Hyundai's features.

Everyone loves to ride in comfort especially during cold weather. The Hyundai Elantra comes with heated front and rear seats. Both drivers and riders won't feel the cold as much thanks to the enhanced heating. Just press a small button, and the interior heating system warms the seats.

From the seats, engage your preferred apps with Apple CarPlay. The apps appear right on the Elantra interface's touchscreen. Now there's no reason to fumble with an iPhone. Consider the Apple CarPlay function both a convenience and safety feature.

Scores of other features in the Elantra come to life when you drive the vehicle. Come down to Carter County Hyundai in Ardmore to take that all-important test drive.



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