Superior Safety in the Hyundai Accent

There are many features to recommend the Hyundai Accent to those who are looking for a compact car. The Accent comes with one of the best warranties that is available. It is a fuel-efficient car, and it is a roomy car for its class. The safety features of the Accent also make this an appealing vehicle.

The Hyundai Accent is equipped with a rear-view camera. This camera gives you the view that you need when backing out of parking or down the driveway. It allows you to make sure that your pathway is clear. The Hyundai Accent also provides you with forward collision avoidance. This feature provides you with an alert if you are approaching a stopped vehicle quickly. It helps with emergency braking as needed.

To learn more about why the Hyundai Accent might be the right car for you, come to Carter County Hyundai for a test drive.



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