Staying Safe While Driving in the Rain

It's almost inevitable that you'll drive in the rain at some point. When it's raining, increase your following distance to allow for more time to stop when the person in front of you slows down. Stay alert while driving in the rain instead of focusing on the radio or other things that are on your mind during the day.

Most states have laws in place that require you to keep your headlights on while driving in the rain. Slow your speed to avoid hydroplaning, and avoid areas that are known for flooding. If you see standing water, turn around so that you don't get in a position where you are stranded.

Bring your vehicle to Carter County Hyundai so that a technician can check the tire pressure and windshield wipers as these are important components when it's raining and you're driving. If you're in an accident, a technician can examine the damage to determine if a new car is a better option.



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