Be Sure to Know the Signs of a Failing Radiator

The sight of someone pulling off the road with a hood producing smoke is not pleasant. More often than not, the cause comes from an overheated engine. This can happen because the engine’s coolant might have had an issue circulating through the radiator and engine, thereby unable to absorb and transfer heat from the two.

As such, it is important to work on your engine and radiator issues before they get you stuck in the middle of nowhere. Some of the signs you should look out for include high fluctuations of the temperature gauge - especially between hot and normal, a maple syrup-like smell originating under the hood, coolant pooling under the car and visible scaling or rust in the coolant.

Whereas these signs are common, some people still miss them or are just not careful enough to observe changes in their car. You can also frequently visit our service center at Carter Country Hyundai for more advice on your engine and radiator.

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