Keep the Quality of Your Differential in Mind

We all know the importance of changing your engine’s oil, but have you ever stopped to wonder about the any of other parts at work in your vehicle? Your differential, for example, has certain maintenance that cannot be applied to other aspect of your model. Fortunately, the team in our service center are determined to ensure long-lasting success in the Ardmore, OK area.

For starters, your differential requires the lubrication oil to be applied on both sides of the wheel. The application is made regardless of whether one wheel has a better performance over the other. As for the limited-slip differential, it uses sensors to determine which wheel loses more energy than redirect the required torque to that wheel. This type of differential also requires an additive to be added to the lubricating oil. The additive is meant to reduce friction among the gears.

An easy way to keep up with the state of your differential oil is to be mindful of a foul smell. If that occurs, it is recommended that you have it flushed and replaced right away. Fortunately, the staff at our service center is eager to guide you towards long-term success; plan your visit to 616 Holiday Drive today!

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