The Hyundai Ioniq's Hybrid Advantages

Hyundai's popular hybrid car, the Ioniq, seeks to give drivers the best of all worlds, providing an agile and stylish vehicle that offers a competitive rate of fuel efficiency that has it heading the list among hybrid vehicle models.

The Ioniq offers drivers excellent gas mileage, combining city and highway driving for a full 58 mpg. This gives drivers over 500 miles of driving range between fill-ups and allows them to tailor their driving between electric and gas for an optimized driving experience. Drivers will never have to charge the battery, as this happens automatically when they brake the vehicle. This allows drivers to continue their normal driving habits without having to adopt new ones to take advantage of fuel efficiency measures.

Drivers can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that Hyundai fully backs their battery design, giving a lifetime warranty to all battery components. Other hybrid car makers do not offer this option, making the Hyundai Ioniq an industry leader.



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