What is an Infotainment System?

The technology upgrades are fascinating in new cars. You can get all of the entertainment and convenience just by having a smartphone in the vehicle that connects to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for example. These systems let you make the most out of your car so that you can see everything through blind spot monitoring and rear-view cameras as well. Touch-screens and LED technology give you a crisp real-time video that lets you interact with your phone and vehicle at the same time.

You can stream any music and video call through your cars now as well. All 2018 vehicles have infotainment systems, which makes it easy to do hands-free dialing and voice-enabled commands. You can feel like a true captain in the driver’s seat with the ability to control everything through apps on your phone as well.

Most vehicles today automatically connect to phones through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. See the new features at Carter County Hyundai located in Ardmore, OK.

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