Getting Through Roadside Emergencies

When we hear the words "roadside emergency", we often think of serious circumstances. Roadside emergencies can be small emergencies that seem much worse because we’re not adequately prepared. Stop at Carter County Hyundai and let us give you some tips on getting through roadside emergencies.

If your vehicle breaks down on the highway, make every effort to get it to the side of the road and call for help. Stay in the vehicle until help arrives. If flares are used, keep them a good distance from your vehicle. Keep a fully stocked roadside emergency kit in your vehicle.

The second-best thing to being prepared for roadside emergencies is to drive a vehicle that’s in good condition. Call us for an appointment or stop by our Ardmore, OK shop. We can inspect your vehicle to ensure everything is good and also provide you with some supplies to stock your roadside emergency kit.



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